"We are empowered or killed by what we think"

DMHC is the DADYMINDS' department of mental health, health and fitness.

We are a self-help organization, aiming to create awareness about depression and other mental illnesses. We also want to help people recover from their illnesses and lead a healthy lifestyle. Mental illness is a universal issue that affects all communities, irrespective of age, gender or social status. The general lack of knowledge about the nature, severity and treatment of mental illnesses prevents people from seeking help at an early stage. We believe that early detection is the key to recovery from mental illness as it gives sufferers the opportunity to seek timely medical intervention and begin therapy. Our mission is to spread awareness about depression and other mental health issues by reaching out to as many people as possible through our website, workshops, educational material etc.
DMHC is a Dadyminds agency that aims to create awareness on mental health and help those who suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, social phobia etc. Our aim is to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health by spreading awareness about it through various means.
DMHC helps individuals to recognize their true potential, fulfil their goals and maximize their strengths. We help people by creating a safe environment for them to take risks, make mistakes and find their own path. It's about taking action in order to change your life. DMHC offers programs such as Personal Development, Mental Health Awareness, Wellbeing & Stress Management, Career Counseling and more through seminars, workshops and learning programs. Our mission is to help people discover the best in themselves and the community around them.
DMHC is a Self-Help Organization to provides awareness and support for mental health issues. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals affected by mental illness, their families and communities through education, advocacy, research and support services.
DMHC is a place where you are enlightened and be able to explore life without mental darkness.


  1. All ages
  2. Communities
  3. Couples
  4. Families
  5. Groups
  6. Individuals
  7. Organizations
  8. Parents
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  1. Mental health scanning
  2. Mental health consultation
  3. Social Intelligence
  4. Emotional Intelligence
  5. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  6. Continued professional development
  7. Information / Resource Service
  8. Online Counselling / Phone Therapy
  9. Psychotherapy (CBT)
  10. Stress Management
  11. Therapy (Online)
  12. Training (Life Skills)
  13. Personal development counselling
  14. Children counselling
  15. Adolescents counselling
  16. Genetic counselling
  17. Sports counselling
  18. Nutritional counselling
  19. Relationship counselling
  20. etc.
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  1. DMHC Master Class
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