The Covid-19 Pandemic Impact

Our mission is to empower everyone's well-being. Of course this pandemic has been a black wall in front of everyone, especially on businesses. At DADYMINDS, we too have been affected but we also learnt a lesson. As a business, we are working hard than we ever did before but the pandemic uncertainties also gives us a new mission.

Our new mission is to find more ways to serve the community and take our part to help the world get up again.

We know that everybody is experiencing this situation in a different way, and if you have a suggestion on how we can better serve the world, please let us know by emailing us via We promise to listen to everyone and give them a way to contribute to our mission.

The Impact

By the time the covid19 pandemic rose, DADYMINDS was still traditional business working only at a physical office. The year 2021 was really a hell to our company, but we did not have any excuse to give up, the pandemic was everywhere, we were not alone. With that said, we had to get some lessons out of the pandemic circumstances and apply all our energies to finding a way out.

Our Action

Covid-19 was a very destructive burden to the company, nut it has to give us a new approach of how we should be doing things. Our first action was to upgrade the company to digital remote systems in order to become a fully virtual operating organization. It took us more effort and we have to go through trainings so that we can be able to scale our business to the digital world and serve our customers in the best possible way.

Our Customers

As you all know, customer care is our first and last task. In this pandemic, we have added an additional layer on our customer service system: health and safety. We are now fully operating online a supporting our customers virtually. We have rebuild our website so that it becomes more reliable for everyone to get the right support on time. And our offices are temporary closed to limit the spread of the virus. Where necessary for local customers (Rwanda), one can visit our office only on an appointment occasion. We are committed to providing all our services online to everyone around the world. We have built a very strong, secure and supportive customer care service system and we continuously improve it to best serve our customers online.

Our Support

We are introducing the DADYMINDS Community Forums, events, masterclasses and the Ambassadors program. We are dedicated to helping people meet with different individuals or professionals to discuss social issues and create solutions together. We help people learn the skills they need to scale their life/business for success. And we also help people easily learn more about us and help each other on different topics through community forums. Last but not least, we help people earn with us as ambassadors while they work with us and contribute to our mission. In the coming days, we will continue to create the right solutions that make DADYMINDS a more reliable and meaningful place for change makers. (You can become one too!)

Our Team

Everyone at DADYMINDS is required to work online. We believe that work doesn't mean a place. The most important thing is the one mission we are all committed to. We are building a fully remote workforce while we continue to deliver undisrupted support to our customers and focus on their urgent needs. Our new candidates will now be hired and onboarded virtually. We allow our new candidates to take 3 to 6 months of training and getting familiar to the company's systems. We allow our people to have enough time to understand how things are done at DADYMINDS so that they will be able to provide quality services to the customers.

Contacting Us

Everyone can contact us anytime for support. You can reach us via email;, WhatsApp; +250781355361, Contact us page or live chat on this website and through our social media platforms.

For more updated information on Covid-19, please visit the WHO website.