Hello, are you new here? You are welcome to the Dadyminds family, a global community whose purpose is to change lives for better well-being.


Dadyminds is an initiative established by author Anath Lee Wales to change lives for better well-being.

Dadyminds delivers its work through different categories including; initiatives, marketing, business, hospitality, creativity, international relations, academics, literacy, agriculture, media, mental health, book publishing, partnerships, real estate, customer care, social security, technology and community.

In order to commit to our mission in an effective and organized way, we have structured our work into 18 trademarked departments.
  1. ALWI (Anath Lee Wales Initiatives)
  2. DAPA (Dadyminds Advertising and Promotions Agency)
  3. DBC (Dadyminds Business Center)
  4. DBR (Dadyminds Bookings and Reservations)
  5. DCA (Dadyminds Community Accelerator)
  6. DCD (Dadyminds Creative Designs)
  7. DIRA (Dadyminds International Relations Agency)
  8.  DLA (Dadyminds Leadership Academy)
  9. DLB (Dadyminds Libraries and Bookshops)
  10. DMA (Dadyminds Media Agency)
  11. DMHC (Dadyminds Mental Health Center)
  12. DPI (Dadyminds Publishers Insider)
  13. DPIA (Dadyminds Partnerships Investments Agency)
  14. DREN (Dadyminds Real Estates Network)
  15. DSC (Dadyminds Service Center)
  16. DSSA (Dadyminds Social Security Agency)
  17. DTIA (Dadyminds Technologies and Innovations Agency)
  18. DFA (Dadyminds Farming Agency)
Learn more about our departments here

Our Founder

You have already heard it, Dadyminds was established by author Anath Lee Wales. Anath Lee Wales is an influential author and a general social scientist. Anath Lee Wales believes that if you can’t get what you need, it simply doesn’t exist, so you have to create it for the world. That's exactly where the story of Dadyminds begins. Click here to learn more about Anath Lee Wales’ books.

Our Background

Our story begins back in 2018 when Anath Lee Wales lost his father. That was the mark of a new journey in his life. He had to be his own son, father and adviser, he also had to become the new father to his young siblings and make sure he was the right shield and weapon to rebuild the family’s welfare. Due to a lot of responsibilities that were loaded on him at once and unprepared, he had to fight a mental crisis (due to a high level of stress and grief) in late 2018 and early 2019. Anath Lee Wales went to the hospital and once he knew that he was struggling with stress, he started working to find a way out. In that way, Anath Lee Wales got interested and started learning the theories of sociology, philosophy, psychology and personal development.

That is where his first book, “Your life can be changed”. Published: May 2019. The title itself was Anath Lee Wales giving himself hope that the future is possible no matter what he was going through. In 2019, Anath Lee Wales started thinking of starting his own business as a means of generating an independent income. In early 2020, Dadyminds was a disorganized mess and nothing was in place. But as Anath Lee Wales continued to upskill himself and read more books, he finally organized his work, made a final decision of what company should include, and registered Dadyminds as an official business in late 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic was a tall and strong wall that couldn’t let the company move forward. But Anath Lee Wales did give up, he kept working hard to put things in place, grow and strengthen the business no matter the pandemic or any other challenges and barriers. To achieve that, Anath Lee Wales had to switch to remote. Dadyminds is now a remote company that fully operates online.

Organization Structure

Dadyminds is a hybrid organization meaning that all our initiatives are both value systems and action logics of various sectors of society.

The main activities that the company operates through are identified through our 18 trademarked departments.

Our Vision

If you ever think of intelligence, personal well-being and business success, that's what defines Dadyminds. Our vision is to become the world's greatest company that empowers people to become intelligent, feel better in their lives and succeed in their businesses.

Our Values

Connect + Create + Inspire

Great minds are those who connect and work together as a team.
Every great mind is a healthy mind, and healthy minds are creative.
We only create the masterpieces that inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves.

Our Principles

Positivity + Quality + Customer care + Universality

Wellness is the heart of Dadyminds, we are not only good at what we do, but we care about your growth too. We only serve someone if we have understood their needs and we are global change-makers who are providing solutions to everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower change in people’s lives for better well-being. We help everyone become the best version of themselves.

Our Future

We have more than 60+ different billion-dollar projects and we have a plan that by 2035 all our projects will have been put in action. Among these projects, about 80% of them are money streams. Our 2040 vision states that Dadyminds will value over 100bn USD. Dadyminds has 2 parts, the business and the social part. We are working hard so that by 2040, we will be strong and stable with all our business operations and we will be able to independently sponsor all our social activities.

Our Competitors

We want to be the market leader but a collaborative one. We don’t believe in the competitors' analysis but instead, in partnership analysis. Our business philosophy states that ‘why should we compete with someone while we can work with them and grow together as a one-handed team? The true victory is shared one.’

Our Customers

We believe that customer care is our first responsibility before anything else. We do provide an exceptional customer service experience to everyone. To make that very serious, we established DSC, an all-in-one service centre for everyone who gets in contact with Dadyminds for any reason. The main purpose of DSC is to make sure that quality customer service is applied/offered to/through/by all our products and services, partners of all manners, customers, affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers, retailers, employees and friends. DSC resolves any problems, questions/inquiries, new ideas/advice and reports about/for/with anything or anyone at/by Dadyminds.

Our Team

We are a team of intelligent people who are connected together and work as one. We are friends, brothers and sisters, a family beyond our daily work responsibilities. We are a creative and imaginative team that is always working hard to put life solutions that empower well-being for everyone.

Our Culture

Dadyminds is a family and in our family, everyone must respect everyone regardless of where they come from. Everyone is responsible for anyone’s well-being. Everyone is responsible for the family’s welfare and development through innovation and creativity.

Our Brand

All our brands are our private copyright, no one is allowed to use our brands in any way without our permission.

Our CEO’s Message


Receive warm greetings from author Anath Lee Wales. I hope my message finds you well.
When I started Dadyminds for the first time, it was only something to help me survive and take care of my family. I never knew that today would be the moment that I met such a unique changemaker like you. The most important thing that was in my mind when I started Dadyminds was to change my life. But I do believe that "sometimes, changing who you are, can change everything to everyone around you" and that’s what makes me a global agent of change.

The road ahead is long and I want Dadyminds to be the reason why everyone feels the beauty of life. The future of Dadyminds is very beautiful but I can not walk this journey alone, someone has to join the route so that we will see the beauty together. Working with us is the greatest win-win choice that you can ever make in your life. I call upon everyone whose business fits any part of Dadyminds or who believes in our mission to come and join our family.

There is a big difference between where we came from and the Dadyminds we have today. To tell the truth, I didn’t achieve all alone. I want to thank everyone, the team and partners who made everything happen for Dadyminds. All the achievements we have today are just the beginning, this is the moment where we have to work harder than we ever did. I do believe in the Dadyminds family and together, I see the beauty of the light in our future.

To your well-being,