The DADYMINDS COMMUNITY GATHERING PROGRAM is a social skills development program that exists to provide participants with the opportunity to learn and refine their social thinking abilities in order to better interact with others in all settings. The Gatherings offer opportunities for participation, skills development, volunteering, and social, cultural economic, and environmental developments. Participants will also have the opportunity to enjoy fun recreational activities with similar peers while learning to practice newly tuned social thinking skills.

DADYMINDS COMMUNITY GATHERING PROGRAM helps people to learn new skills or brush-up their hobbies. It also helps people to build and improve their confidence. Our Gatherings pave the way for self-development and contribution. The sense of contributing, for instance, participation in a project which contributes to the society can give you a sense of pleasure and meaningfulness.

DADYMINDS COMMUNITY GATHERING PROGRAM offers unique learning experiences across a variety of disciplines. Our gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to learn new skills in a supportive and social environment. We offer classes in everything from cooking and painting to woodworking and gardening - there's something for everyone! Our gatherings are also a great way to improve your confidence. Not only will you have the chance to meet new people, but you'll also have the opportunity to work on projects that contribute positively to the community. With DADYMINDS, learning is always fun and engaging!