"The world problems can not be fought by one person, we could have achieved more if we joined hands together as one team with common goals"

DIRA is an international relations agency that specializes in global change-making initiatives, business universalization, and youth empowerment. DIRA works with communities to find sustainable solutions for the challenges of tomorrow (put the global sustainable goals into action); providing opportunities through education, training and employment opportunities.

DIRA is a global international relations agency. We provide advisory and consulting services to multinational corporations based in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. DIRA works with companies in three main areas: business globalization, investments, and management of change-making initiatives. Through this work, DIRA helps clients achieve their ambitions by providing strategic advice on market entry strategies through joint ventures or greenfield investments. Furthermore, our track record includes advising multinationals on how to create successful marketing strategies for their products in new markets with different cultures, consumers habits and purchasing power.

DIRA is an international relations agency for youth empowerment. It is one of the most innovative concepts in the global youth empowerment space. We design and facilitate international exchange programs to enable our students to gain real-world experience by building genuine relationships with peers across the globe.

At DIRA, we believe that using technology to connect people across borders can act as a catalyst for change-making initiatives in society. Our vision is to build a platform where young people can come together irrespective of their nationalities, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, share knowledge and experiences through online platforms, network with each other and build strong bonds that will last a lifetime.

We provide advisory services to government bodies, multinational companies and NGOs or INGOs worldwide.

The company was by DADYMINDS as a full-service consultancy firm for cross-border business and social cause activities. DIRA today serves everyone globally, across six continents. Our services include Public Policy Advisory Services (regulatory regimes and policy frameworks), Financial Advisory & Management Services (corporate finance and M&A), Human Resources Consulting (global mobility and immigration advisory) and Business Intelligence (country risk analysis).

DIRA is an international relations agency that proposes innovative and unconventional solutions to complex problems. We believe that the global development challenges of today have their roots in a lack of understanding and appreciation of diversity, which makes international relations a challenge for many countries.

DIRA is an international relations agency that deals with global change-making initiatives, business universalization, global youth empowerment and international relations in general. The organization's vision is to provide solutions for problems faced by people living in third world countries through its various projects. It also provides pro bono advisory services to non-profit organizations engaged in social development activities.

The organization strives to be a hub of knowledge generation and delivery, where global citizens can come together and learn about different issues pertaining to human rights, economic development, education etc. DIRA, has created a platform where the youth of the world can engage with like-minded people to discuss issues related to their welfare and create solutions together.

Our goal is to help companies and projects leveraging blockchain technology to navigate and thrive in this new and exciting environment.


  1. Individuals
  2. Corporates
  3. Governments
  4. INGOs
  5. NGOs
  6. Social cause projects
  7. Everyone interested in our global change-making initiatives
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  1. International relations
  2. Travel and visa
  3. Global change-making
  4. Global youth empowerment
  5. Business universalization
  6. Global sustainable development
  7. Etc.
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