"Reading is the only strongest weapon that can shoot burst the mind poverty"

DLB is the DADYMINDS' department of library and bookshop services.

DLB is an awesome place for book lovers to discover new books, read expert opinions and get the best deal on books.
DLB is the home of books where we provide the best library services and book shopping experience. With our unique ecosystem, we are able to provide books that are hard to find in the market. Our team has immense expertise in the publishing industry and an understanding of multiple languages & cultures. We strive to make your reading experience better with every book you buy from us.
DLB is a revolutionary online store for books, which offers the world's largest collection of books from best selling authors and publishers. In DLB you will find the widest selection of best-selling books from all categories like business, finance, self-help, technology, management, cooking, etc. You can also get access to digital e-books and audiobooks that can be read or listened to on your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, we provide our customers access to financing options along with other rewards and benefits for shopping or affiliating with us. We have a dedicated team that is responsible for customer service so that you have an enjoyable shopping experience.
DLB is the home of books where we provide the best library services and book shopping experience. Our vision is to grow into a service-led company that will be a market leader in all its business areas by motivating, engaging and delighting employees, customers and suppliers alike. We're committed to offering our member libraries the best possible choice of popular fiction, non-fiction and children's books through our ever-expanding catalogue. We want them to feel confident that they can rely on us to deliver what they need when they need it.


  1. Individuals
  2. Students
  3. Families
  4. Corporates
  5. Authors
  6. Publishers
  7. Schools
  8. Other organizations
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  1. Books
  2. E-Books
  3. Paperbacks
  4. Hardbacks
  5. PDF Books
  6. Print books (A4)
  7. Research
  8. Academic books
  9. Reading counselling
  10. E-Library
  11. E-Bookshop
  12. Reading clubs

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  2. DADYMINDS Library
  3. DADYMINDS Bookshop
  4. DADYMINDS Reader
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