This service allows users to apply for a visa. In Rwanda, an entry visa can be applied online or upon arrival for people coming from anywhere in the world. This service is provided by the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE).

A visa’s processing time is 7 days and the price depends on the visa type and our service fee is Rwf 0 


  • Applicants need to fill in our form and we will serve as an Irembo agent to process the service for you.

  • Applicants should have a nationality and document type.

  • Applicants should know the visa type they are applying for.

  • Attachments differ depending on the “Visa Type.” Common attachments are the application letter, a copy of the passport biodata page, and a photo with a white background.

  • List of visa classes that can be extended: 

    • SUBCLASS V1 (Holiday) and SUBCLASS V2 (Family Visit): valid for 30 days on a single entry and 90 days for multiple entries.

    • SUBCLASS V3-2 (Accredited Diplomat): valid for 2 years.

    • SUBCLASS V4 (Job Search): valid for 90 days.

    • SUBCLASS V6 (Prospective Investor, Entrepreneur, or Trader): valid for 90 days.

    • SUBCLASS V7 (Medical Treatment): valid for 90 days. 

    • SUBCLASS V9 (Itinerant Business): valid from 2-10 years. 

    • SUBCLASS V12 (Reciprocity): valid for 10 years and is renewable. 

    • SUBCLASS V10 (Bridging Visa): validity that’s not exceeding 90 days may be extended in exceptional circumstances. 

  • NB: You will have to pay yourself through mobile money and you will receive a payment notification. We can also help you and process the payment for you but there will be a 15% processing and transaction fee. We only give you this offer when you are only able to pay with your bank card, we will let you pay through our secure system because we are not allowed to receive your card information.

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