This service allows applicants who wish to avail their parcel as collateral to another party for a loan. A successful application results in a land collateral document.

Processing Time : 1 Working days
 Price : RWF 5,000
Provided by : RLMUA

Required attachments (2)

1. Land documents of the parcel

2. Extract of the cadastral plan


  • Applicants need to fill in our form and we will serve as an Irembo agent to process the service for you.

  • Rwandans should have a national ID number and foreigners should have their passport number. 

  • Our service fee is Rwf 0  

  • Applicants should have a valid phone number, email address, or both. 

  • NB: You will have to pay yourself through mobile money and you will receive a payment notification. We can also help you and process the payment for you but there will be a 15% processing and transaction fee. We only give you this offer when you are only able to pay with your bank card, we will let you pay through our secure system because we are not allowed to receive your card information.

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